This Page Contains A List Of Rules On This Wiki.

Wiki Rules

Other admins are allowed to add on to this

  • Be respectful to one another.
  • No posting/writing of porn, NSFW, or R34 anywhere.
  • Swearing is allowed, but please do not swear directly to another user.
    • words like "retard", "nigg(er)a", and "faggot" are not allowed.
  • Do not ask to/encourage a raid on a different wiki. Anyone found guilty of raiding another wiki will be banned for one month here.
  • Harassment is not taken here, AT ALL. If someone is found guilty of harassment the user guilty will be permabanned.
  • No spam or vandalism, this will also earn you a permaban.
  • Please do not start flame-wars, these can result in a one-week ban and if the user continues (or gets a bit pissy about the ban) they will be permabanned.
  • Do not beg to become admin/mod/chat mod. This will result in you being overlooked and possibly never getting a position of power.
  • No telling other users to 'GTFO', this applies in chat aswell.

Chat Rules

  • No porn, NSFW, or R34 in the main chat.
    • It is, however allowed in PM-unless one of the users is not in agreement with the idea or forced.
  • Roleplaying is allowed on the main chat, with some rules:
    • No excessive detail (EX: "I was stabbed in the stomach and you could see some blood" is fine, "I was stabbed in the stomach, blood spurted out of me as you could see the pink of my small intestines" is NOT okay)
    • No godmodding
    • No minimodding at that matter.

(Note: Mentioning cutting or getting high is not a bannable offense, but mentioning suicide is a bannable offense. If anyone sees sanyone else talking about suicide, please bring it to the attention of SunsetBlaze where she will decide how long the block is.)