LikeBro (CalimTheCrystalGem) abbreviated as LB, its SunsetBlaze's brother. He is green and shapeshift into animals and animatronics.

Appearence Edit

He have pink and black suit, lime skin and dark green hair.

Relationships Edit

Freddy Fazbear/Old Freddy Edit

LB thinks Freddy is funny but dont think he is the leader of the pizzeria.

Bonnie /Old Bonnie Edit

Who is Bonnie?

Chica /Old Chica Edit

During FNaF 1, LB liked Chica since she cook PIZZA.

But in FNaF 2 she becomes creepy and he dont liked her anymore.

Foxy/Old Foxy Edit

They hate each other since both have crush on Mangle

Toy Freddy Edit

LB thinks Toy Freddy is fat and they both talk in Toy Bonnie's back how TB is girly.

Toy Bonnie Edit

They are good friends but TB dont know the secret...

Toy Chica Edit

Instead of almost all male animatronics,LB dont have crush on toy chica and think she is just cute and creepy.

Toy Foxy/Mangle Edit

Repaired or not, LB have a crush on Mangle. LB always try to get Mangle but fail (as showed in Langle Series).

BB Edit


The Puppet Edit

LB thinks he is strange and not a good person to talk with. Seriously just look at him.

Springtrap Edit

LB hates Springtrap because SHIPS.

Phantom Freddy Edit

LB dont like Phantom Freddy

Any other Phantom Edit

LB dont like any other phantom.

Purple Guy Edit

The secret is they know each other, but since what Purple Guy did, they hate each other now.

Trivia Edit

  • LB is done with all ships on the fandom, because most of them includes Mangle (GEEZ WHO MADE FOXY JR REALLY DESERVESSS....)
  • Despite already being a OC, LB has his own OCs.
  • Is unknow why LB have a crush on Mangle, but its theorized that is because when he is on the Spiderfox form, he gets attraction by Mangle.