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• 7/14/2015

Regarding Staff

Heya, this is a tiny message about staff. Now, looking at the staff botton/tab at the top you can (obviously) see we have 6 admins, 1 moderator, and 2 (3 actually) chat moderators. Hehe, yeah I keep forgetting to update the staff list. 

Now, as for the main point of this post, this wiki was sort of made for fun. Meaning this place isn't suppose to be taken seriously, well, for the most part. And just incase, I really want this wiki to have a high number of staff. In which this is kinda directed to admins, but any user here should be aware anyway. Since this place is for fun, and I also want a high number of staff, admins may promote (almost) anyone they wish. As long as:

  • It is someone you can trust.
  • It has my approval (yes, you MUST ask me if you are planning to promote someone).
  • They are only promoted up to either a mod or chat mod (you can ask if you'd like them to be admin however).
  • They HAVE to have at least made one or two edits here.

Now that's that, I also have another announcement I'd like to make. I'm demoting some admins. Not all, just the ones who have made no edits here whatsoever. They're not being demoted yet though and have until friday to edit here. Also I'm going to be promoting some people.

Thanks you for reading!

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• 7/15/2015

okay i already disagree we can't have as many staff members as we can get we need to keep the staff list small for now 

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